Our Chairman


Yang Mulia, Our Chairman, had been with the Government, holding key decision-making positions in several ministerial departments. Graduated in B.Economics, with honours in Public Administration from University Malaya. He started his career as Deputy Director, in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, in 1976, and his final stint was with the Home Ministry, as Deputy Secretary General, before retiring in 2011. He holds a Diploma in Commercial Policy (GATT, Geneva) and MBA (Northwest Missouri State University).

In a span of thirty-five years of successful and challenging career, Yang Mulia, has held very senior positions in the Ministry of Finance, National Development Department under the PM`s Ministry, the Immigration Department, and the Institute of National Public Administration, influencing many paradigm shifts in the proceedings of the Government, that brought significant recognition and image among the public and international commercial community. Yang Mulia, despite his busy governmental affair, has been relentlessly involved in the welfare of the public in general and the surrounding community, for which he has been duly appreciated with various awards that carry the title “Datuk”.

Yang Mulia brings a lot of experience in the field of management and laws governing Human Capital Sourcing. He is widely recognized among the various industries that utilize foreign workers both semi-skill, skill and Professional.

Chairman's Message

Malaysian security business has a growing market, largely driven by the influx of very high end electronic IC components & modules manufacturing industry where the value of manufactured products is extremely expensive and lucrative business for exploitation by hijackers.

This is in addition to the rising level of commercial criminality, notwithstanding the fact that, with people & entities getting richer, the needs for protection rises in equal proportion. The largest clients who fall victim to the above activities include the Financial, Commercial & Educational Institutions, and the various industries.

While the Home Ministry had previously set a ceiling of 800 security companies that could take advantage of the situation and offer a blend of security services to the industries and institutions alike, there is lurking behind the issue of supply of legal Nepalese Guards to the security companies, in the face of current recruitment policies of the Nepalese Government.

V-Global, formed against these background, is cognizant of the challenges ahead and its core management team had the foresight to strategically partner with local Nepali training academy duly managed by former high ranked field force. With the centre in place, and the local agencies entrenched support, V-Global is well poised to fill in the expected gap in the supply of legal literate Security Guards. Being a member of the PPKKM, the management will take all necessary measures to meet the Standard and Audit requirements the Home Ministry in order to avail whatever facilities that can be harnessed.

Besides, most of the clients` preoccupation with personal and business security has specifically increased the demand for hi-tech electronic security equipment, such as intelligent closed circuit televisions (CCTVs), smart access control systems, predictive surveillance technology, smoke detectors as well as trained surveillance security professionals.

Whereas, keeping abreast of these technologies in itself, is a daunting task, it is imperative that V-Global should embark on technology assisted guarding earnestly, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

With all these challenges, V-Global will strive to serve the security industry professionally, manned with legal Guards, delighting its customers with varied service options enhancing both people, building assets and the business security.